Get your Small Group Talking

Everyone who has ever led a small group has had the experience of having a group that just doesn’t talk.  The temptation is to fill the void ourselves by answering the questions or turning small group into lecture time.  I know this, becuase I have done both and trust me, neither is what the kids really need.

Sometimes, the best way to get them talking about the topic is to get them talking at all.  It can feel like a waste of time to spend time doing what feels like a silly game, but the reality is that getting them talking about something seemingly unimportant can help them to talk about what is ultimately important.  Think about it:  when was the last time you walked into a group of strangers after a long day of work and wanted to talk immediately about the deepest mysteries of life?

Remember the key to a healthy small group is that they are talking 80% of the time and you are only talking 20% of the time.

All this is to say, help is on the way!  I stumbled upon a website today that has some good ideas to help you get rolling with how to start your small group discussions. 

The Source for Youth Ministry: Discussion Starters

Enjoy and let us know what is working for you in this regard!


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