God or Darwin? Answering Genesis Questions

On October 12, you will be watching the T3 video entitled “Early World”.  It is very likely that your group will have a lot of questions related to creation and evolution and the tension between science and religion.  These are some of the biggest questions our kids have, and there are a lot of misunderstandings even among Catholics.

The following will help you prepare for their questions:

1)  Read Fr. Robert Barron’s article, “The Genesis Problem”

2)  Listen to this Life Teen podcast addressing the origin of MAN, specifically

3)  Become familiar with the following paragraphs from the Catechism:

Remember, we as Catholics do not believe that faith and science are incompatible.  In fact, the ‘Big Bang Theory’ was originally conceptualized by a Belgian Catholic priest, Georges Lemaître!  What matters is that we believe that Man is created by God.  Period.  HOW he did that is a mystery.  And let us not forget that science does not, and cannot, answer the question of our purpose.  Left just to science, man is just an accidental conglomeration of atoms with no purpose.  And we all know that to be untrue.

Science tells us HOW, but revelation tells us WHY.


(A recent trend among some Christian fundamentalists is the assertion that dinosaurs did not exist millions of years ago, but in Old Testament times (See picture above).  This is NOT Catholic teaching.)


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