Our task is to make the truth visible and loveable in ourselves offering ourselves as an attractive and, if possible, heroic example.  The person who needs to touch and to feel in order to believe will not easily be won with words.  Talk alone does not attract but ‘making things visible’ does.”

St. Giana Berretta Molla

From the Lord’s ascension to today, it has been the charge of the faithful to witness to the love and truth of Jesus.  This is the heart of the Church.  Thank you for your generous response to this charge by your commitment to teaching the faith to the Confirmation candidates of the St. Croix Valley.

This website exists to disseminate information regarding curriculum to you. For each lesson, we will not only post supplements to the lessons in your ‘Small Group Leader Manual’ but also podcasts, articles, videos, and more to help you better grasp the subject at hand.

Each post on this blog will allow space at the bottom for comments.  Please feel free to use this space to add links and other information that YOU find helpful.  If it was helpful to you, it is likely it will help another catechist.

Be assured of my prayers as we all strive to grow in virtue and to “make the truth visible.’

Annie Fochtman

Director of Youth Ministry

St. Croix Catholic Youth Ministry (SCCYM) is an office of St. Croix Catholic Faith Formation serving the 7th – 12th grade youth of St. Mary and St. Michael in Stillwater and St. Charles in Bayport.

This website exists to inform the catechists/small group leaders in the 9th grade Confirmation program.


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