Beauty and Charity

Becuase we don’t have enough on Justice and Reverence…oh…wait…

One of the great criticisms of the Catholic Church is her stores of gold and other wealth and her ornate Churches. On a week when we discuss justice (giving man what he is due) and reverence (giving God what he is due) we have to be prepared to answers those sorts of questions.

Enter, my favorite blogger BadCatholic. Seriously, folks, I’m a little addicted to this guy. His stuff is solidly Catholic, he uses references from some of the greatest Catholic minds (Chesterton, Aquinas, Percy, etc.), and isn’t afraid of the big ugly questions. (He also isn’t afraid to swear or get a little crass, which I why I don’t push this blog with our kids just yet. I consider it for a more mature mind.) On top of all that, the guy is a college freshman. No lie.

Regardless, I thought you all should meet. BadCatholic, meet my catechists. Catechist, meet Marc John Paul – BadCatholic.

He has 2 excellent posts on how we respond to the accusations of the Church and her wealth. I highly suggest reading them before the night on justice and reverence:



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