Justice/Reverence: The Gift that Keeps on Givin’

If you haven’t discovered it yet, there are a lot of posts on this night’s lesson.  That’s because the possibilities and directions you can take your small group discussion are literally endless.  I mean, we are talking about the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass…HEAVEN ON EARTH….it’s doesn’t get more endless than that.

So I found this great Bible Study from our friend, Mark Hart, the fast-talking, bad pun-making host of T3 and I loved it.  It talks about the Mass as a wedding feast.  Good stuff, peeps.  Good stuff.  The link will take you to a transcript of the BS or to a podcast.  The reason I didn’t just print it off and put it in your lesson plans is that it is pretty intense both practically and theologically and I want you as a leader to feel really comfortable with the content and NOT feel like you have to do it.

If you do choose to use this during your small group time, make sure you spend a lot of time preparing – and don’t forget that the most important ingredient to preparation in ministry is prayer.  Pray. Pray. PRAY!


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