Helping your kids pick a Saint

The day is coming when your kids will have to choose and report on a saint for their confirmation patron.  While the report isn’t due for another couple months, it is a good idea to start talking about saints now. does great work writing about all things Catholic in a way that young people can understand it without dumbing it down.  Just last year, they put together a list of all of their best saint resources from biographies to an explanation of how people become saints at all – articles, videos, podcasts, etc.  Get the goods here.

And just for fun, here is a website that I follow religiously – no pun intended.  LOL Saints takes old images of saints and adds hilarious captions.  The first time I found this I lost about 2 hours paging through it and laughing so hard it hurt.  I hope you enjoy them…and maybe you might find one or two that your kids would enjoy, too.

And keep praying for your kids!

“Since, then, we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses…” (Hebrews 12)


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