Introduction to The Teen Timeline (with a dash of the Magisterium)

On October 10 you will have your first class in which you facilitate one of The Teen Timeline (Ascension Press) videos in your small group.  Your leader binder has a detailed outline of what to do in your small group.

During the video, you will hear the facilitator, Mark Hart speak a lot about scripture and tradition, the Church, the magisterium, etc.   These are all things we will discuss repeatedly throughout the year, but we also want to give special attention to them at the offset.

To help you better answer their questions about the Church and her structure, suggest spending some time on Catholics Come Home, a website designed to easily answer people’s questions about the Catholic Church.  They have an excellent (and concise!) question and answer section.  To the right of every question is a blue button labeled, “ANSWER”.  Click that to get a brief answer to these common questions.  You might find the “Scripture and Tradition” as well as the “The Church and the Papacy” sections helpful.  But bookmark this website and really spend some time with it.  So many of the common questions your kids will have can be found here in a very accessible format.


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