The Pope asks you to Evangelize

Often, when Catholics hear the word ‘evangelism’ we become uncomfortable as we imagine standing on soap box at a street corner or knocking on doors, but evangelization – sharing the gospel of Jesus – is the very thing we are called to by the virtue of our baptism. 

And this is what you, catechists, are all about.  Sharing the truth in love.

Our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI has recently called on us to do just this. “To be effective,” he says, “the proclamation of faith must begin with a heart that believes, hopes, loves; a heart that loves Christ and believes in the power of the Holy Spirit!”

Apt words for you who are forming young people to receive the Holy Spirit while teaching them these very virtues: faith hope and love.

But don’t believe me, read it for yourself.

“Mission from God:  Evangelize”  National Catholic Register


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