Hope: The Slipperiest of the Virtues

As the first half of the year goes on wrestling with the Theological (or Infused) Virtues, we quickly come across hope, a rather slippery virtue.  Faith is easily defined.  Love is easily identified and experienced.  Hope is hard to hold on to.

The virtue of Hope and the correlating gift of Knowledge will be discussed on November 16.

November 16 is ‘Sponsor Night’, candidates will be asked to bring their sponsors and all break-outs throughout the course of the night will be done between sponsor and candidate.  This means that you catechists will not be required to plan a lesson (Enjoy a free Wednesday!), but it won’t hurt for you to have an understanding of this night’s content for future reference.

Here’s a great podcast from Fr. Robert Barron on the virtue of Hope.

(NOTE:  You can listen to this podcast on your computer OR you can download the mP3 to your iPod so you can listen to it in the car, working out, etc.)

The 3 theological virtues can be simply defined as follows:

  • Faith draws us into the MIND of God.
  • Love draws us into the HEART of God.
  • Hope draws us into the DESIRE of God.

And what is God’s desire?  Our salvation.  Simply put:  He desires us.  In the correlating gift of the Spirit, Knowledge, find that not only do we come to Know God’s perspective, but we come to Know His desire. 

Below is a great article on the desire to be known.  After all, it was Teresa of Avila who said, “I believe we shall never learn to know ourselves except by seeking to know God.”

“What Reality TV and the Eucharist Have in Common” By Libby Dupont


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